Monster Releases Names Of Celebrity Lineup For Michael Jackson Tribute

Painting by Kenneth Scott

Today, as promised, Monster electronics released the names of the celebrities who will perform at the Heal the World: A Tribute to Michael Jackson at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino’s Axis Theater on January 7th for its annual awards show and concert.

Among the entertainers will be the Jackson’s, members of Aerosmith, George Benson, Ne-Yo, Christina Milian, Rick Ross and Luis Coronel. NBA legend and entrepreneur Magic Johnson will host the event. Producer and record label exec Vassal Benford will conduct a 30-piece orchestra. Additional special surprise guests are also planned. About 5,000 annually attend Monster’s annual retailer awards and concert at CES.

Monster’s CEO and founder Noel Lee wants to put on an especially uplifting event at this year’s CES. Jackson’s single Heal the World from his 1991 album Dangerous fits right into this year’s theme.

“This year’s tribute to Michael Jackson is truly fitting. His song ‘Heal the World’ truly speaks to the needs of today’s times and Monster feels that it’s part of our obligation as corporate citizens to bring social consciousness to CES to help fight terror, violence, and to clean up the environment for future generations.” 

“I want to highlight a social consciousness of solutions that the consumer electronics field can think about,” he said. “For instance, if you can have a fingerprint reader on a iPhone, why can’t you have one on a gun? My goal is to stir up innovation around affecting the world.”


Sources: USA Today  | All Things Michael

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