In Rememberance Of Natalie Cole


I was so sadden to hear this morning that one of my favorite female singers, Natalie Cole, has died. It’s not the way that I wanted to start off this new year. I grew up listening to Natalie as child and loved to mimic her singing.  I also loved her dad and was over the moon when Natalie did a remake of his classic hit, Unforgettable, together.

Natalie had many struggles in her life, but she over came them all. It breaks my heart to know that another great legend has gone and all we have left is memories. Rest in peace Natalie. I love you more. You are truly unforgettable.


“I knew Michael, and I loved him dearly. It’s a tough thing to lose someone you love, my sister, and then lose someone like Michael. A lot of people loved him as an entertainer, and we lost a great part of our history.” ~ Natalie Cole

2 thoughts on “In Rememberance Of Natalie Cole

  1. A beautiful woman. We’ve lost so many great artists. Sometimes I wonder how anyone survives the entertainment industry esp those who were involved from childhood on like Natalie & Michael. She’s singing with Michael & Whitney now. God’s choir is surely glorious.
    (Love your new pics. xo)

    • Thank you and happy new year. I just read last night that Wayne Rogers from MASH also died yesterday. This is not a great way to start off 2016. I hope this is not of those comes in three’s situation, if you know what I mean.

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