In The Studio With MJ Presents “MJU” June 20th – 23rd, 2016

Sources: In The Studio With MJ – Brad Sundberg | All Things Michael


What if…

What if we did something like never before… in a huge studio in LA?

What if we built an event that stretched out over four days – with special guests and one-of-a-kind experiences?

What if we brought in the guys who helped make iconic records like “Off The Wall”, “Thriller”, “Bad”, “Dangerous”, HIStory”, “Invincible” and “BOTDF”?

What if we had a full day focused only on the tours, and brought in some of the people who traveled and worked on those amazing shows?

What if we offered special evening get-togethers like watching “Moonwalker”, “Ghosts” and “EO” in a studio full MJ fans, with a monster sound system?

What if is was a place for learning, laughing, feeling what it was like – from the people who were there?

What if we called it “MJU”?

What if is about to become a reality.

MJU will be offered next June 20th – 23rd, 2016, Hollywood, CA.

Four full days of music, stories, learning, laughing and feeling what is was like working and touring with Michael.

Each day will be different and a new experience. Special guests will share behind-the-scenes memories and stories.

MJU – Summer 2016.

In just 189 days – Class will be in Session.

Tickets go on sale Wednesday, December 16th.

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