Lee Thomas Foundation To Host Fundraiser For Vitiligo Support Programs

Sources: Fox 2 | All Things Michael


– FOX 2’s Lee Thomas and more than a dozen of his television colleagues will take the stage to showcase their singing, dancing, comedic and other hidden talents as part of the inaugural “Tribute to Detroit” fundraising event to benefit ClairtyLTF, Lee Thomas Foundation, on November 28, 2015. The fun-filled evening kicks off at 7 p.m. at The City Theatre inside Hocketytown Café, and proceeds will support the nonprofit’s programs, including its VStrong vitiligo support group.

Guests will enjoy a fun-filled night of music, laughter and surprises as many of Detroit’s favorite television personalities shed their more serious news personas to entertain the audience. FOX 2 anchors and reporters scheduled to perform include Amy Andrews, Deena Centofanti, Jason Carr, Monica Gayle, Charlie Langton, Charlie LeDuff, Sherry Margolis, Jay Towers, and others. Thomas and his famous friends will perform comedy skits, including a parody of the station’s “Let It Rip” program called “Let It Rap.”

Other special guest include former FOX 2 reporter Alexis Wiley (Mayor Mike Duggan’s press secretary), Samuel Pickens, the young Detroiter who portrayed Michael Jackson on Broadway in “Motown: The Musical,” and Tyuawn Brown, Motown Museum’s official Michael Jackson impersonator.


ClarityLTF is a 501c3 organization started by broadcaster Thomas, who has suffered from the skin disorder vitiligo for over 20 years. Vitiligo is a condition in which the pigment is lost from areas of the skin, causing whitish patches. There is often no clear cause for vitiligo.

“There are people who don’t leave their homes because they have this disease,” said Thomas. “My story has resonated with Detroiters so I have continued to try and help others in any way I can. This benefit and the foundation are for those in our community living with vitiligo. The emotional support we provide is much needed, and I truly believe one day soon there will be a cure.”

The Vstrong vitiligo support group is the primary program of ClarityLTF. In 2007, Thomas and Henry W. Lim, M.D., department chair of Henry Ford Health System’s Multicultural Dermatology department, started the group which offers information, professional workshops and emotional support with physicians from Henry Ford Health System free of charge at every event. Vstrong is one of the first and most respected vitiligo support groups in the world, and has hosted many visiting doctors and experts from around the globe, including Russia, India, Italy and the United States.

Reserved seating tickets are $50 per person, VIP tickets are $100 per person which includes access to an afterglow with the performers, and a $1,000 Platinum package includes ten premium seats, after-glow and 10 VIP gift bags.

To order a Platinum package contact ClarityLTF at 313.757.6851. All other tickets can be ordered through Ticketmaster by clicking here


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3 thoughts on “Lee Thomas Foundation To Host Fundraiser For Vitiligo Support Programs

  1. My heart always goes out to these people who have this awful disease. They go through so much. It reminds me each time of the pain Michael went through when he was the object of scorn and ridicule for something he couldn’t control.

    • He really suffered in a lot in silence. I wish that he would have felt comfortable talking about it more. It may brought healing to him and it certainly would have helped others, but I truly understand why didn’t. No matter what, the media would have tried to paint a totally different picture of facts as they always do. Even Mr. Thomas said in another interview that he didn’t believe Michael at first or understand what he was going through until it happened to him.

      • I didn’t know that abt Mr Thomas. It just goes to show, you don’t have to walk a mile in another’s shoes – just a foot step. And, yes, the media wld have twisted it. They still do.

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