“What a voice!” Lewis Hamilton Admits He Wouldn’t Mind Swapping Lives With Michael Jackson

Sources: Express – By BECCA LONGMIRE| All Things Michael


The 30-year-old – who came second in yesterday’s Mexico Grand Prix – gushed over the Man In The Mirror hitmaker’s career in a recent interview with BBC Radio 4.

When asked who he would like to swap lives with, the Formula One pro said: “If it was a sportsman Mohammed Ali, because he was my favourite.”

He added: “But if it was music, Michael Jackson. What a life and journey he had, what a voice and talent.”

He may be known for his racing career, but Lewis is also a keen musician.

Lewis's MJ racing helmet

Lewis’s MJ racing helmet

Speaking of his passion for music, Lewis recently gushed: “Music is one of the most important things in my life. Music is my escape.

“Musically I’ve been trying lots of different things so it’s experimental. Sometimes it’s pop some stuff is kind of R&B and a mixture of hip-hop.”


Back in September, the Stevenage-born star showed off his singing voice when he performed an impromptu gig at a New York nightclub.

One eyewitness at the 1 Oak club said: “He was singing an RnB, hip-hop song. He sang ‘Look it at you, look it at me’. It wasn’t any famous song. It was his private song.”

The sportsman continued: “His singing was pretty good. And he sang the whole song from beginning to end. It was like a karaoke singing.”

Singing aside, Lewis lost out to Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg at the F1 road show in Mexico over the weekend.

He may have come second, but ever the professional, the sportsman made sure to congratulate his fellow driver.

He said: “Nico drove a fantastic race. Just fantastic to be here in Mexico.

“This crowd is like a football crowd. The fans have been amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it.”


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