The 10 Best Werewolf Transformations From Film And TV

Sources: Obsev – By Scott Baumgartner | All Things Michael


Who didn’t get the willies the first time they watched Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music video? Everyone did! The Vincent Price monologue. The ghoulish, iconic dance moves. And let’s not forget when Jackson transformed into a hairy, howling beast! Absolute classic.

The craft of the werewolf transformation, like all movie magic, has had a pretty impressive trek through popular fiction. In the ’80s, the scenes in which characters became hounds of hell were created with gruesome practically effects featuring lots of latex, makeup and fur. Since the dawn of CGI and its subsequent scaling back, we’ve seen some pretty impressive depictions of that harrowing moment when the moon is full and errybody starts scrounging for silver bullets.

Let’s count down the very best werewolf transformations, shall we?

1) Thriller!

Thriller is Michael Jackson’s homage to the horror genre with this unforgettable pop song. Jackson’s transformation into a hairy, whisker-laden creature is depicted with loving gusto. But let’s set all that aside, if it’s been a minute, now is the time to revisit this macabre masterpiece.


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