Michael Jackson Heaven In Macau

Sources: Inquirer – By Dolly Carvajal | All Things Michael


It was a dream come true for me, a diehard Michael Jackson fan, to visit the MJ Café at Sofitel Macau. I went gaga over the MJ souvenirs. I wanted to buy every item in sight so I could add them to my MJ collection. The gift shop is MJ heaven. They sell every MJ-related merchandise you can think of.

But what I found most unique are the MJ poker chips, which cost about P6,000. Since Macau is considered the Las Vegas of Asia, it’s no surprise that it’s selling that gamblers’ must-have collectible.


The first floor of the MJ Café is adorned with the King of Pop’s photos. Videos of Michael play over and over on two screens near the exit. The shop offers coffee with an “I love MJ” latte design. It’s very apt for “His Royal Hotness!”


The second floor has been converted to a 3D museum with an entrance fee of approximately P1,000. At the first section is a massive display of MJ murals.

There are MJ costumes that you can wear when you pose in the MJ 3D painting. It also has a showcase of memorabilia, which include loafers (with the late pop idol’s autograph at the sole), socks and a fedora hat which MJ himself used. There is even an authentication certificate for Michael’s priceless belongings.


I could not stop gasping, “OMJ!” Let the pictures on this page and Tuesday’s column say the rest.


Newfound ‘family’ 

Thanks from the bottom of my heart to my newfound “family” in Macau, John and Rose Aquino, their kids Stef and Jeb, Lola Virginia Generao, the Chinoy Express staff and my Macau BFF, Jezel Matias, for their kindness and hospitality. Meeting them all was the best part of my Macau holiday.


(To be concluded Tuesday)

See more pictures here

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