Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis Discuss Working On Scream With Janet And Michael

Sources: Rolling Stone – By Steve Appleford | All Things Michael


Jam: Michael had asked Janet to do a song with him. Janet came to Minneapolis just to give us some inspiration for some tracks. The song that ended up becoming “Scream.” We went to his apartment in Trump Tower, put the track on and basically wrote the song lyrically in an hour. He definitely had things to get off his chest and that’s what it was about. Recording the song was probably one of the most mind-blowing experiences ever. He walked into the studio, very nice and very kind: “OK, I’m going to try my part now. . . .” So Michael goes in and the moment the music starts, he turns into the Tasmanian Devil. He’s a whole different person, stomping, clapping, he’s got jewelry jingling — all the stuff you’re not supposed to do in the studio. Me and Terry are sitting there going “Oh my God!”

Janet_Jackson_Michael_Jackson_Scream_Video(2) copie

Lewis: Screaming like fans.

Jam: He totally nails the song start to finish. Janet leans in and goes, “I’ll do my vocal in Minneapolis.” She wanted no part of following that. I don’t blame her. So we do Janet’s vocal, we send it to him. “Oh, Janet sounds really good. Where did you record her?” Minneapolis. “Oh, I want to come to Minneapolis and do my vocal.” What you got was this sibling rivalry between brother and sister who are also competitive. Yeah, we love each other, but I’m going to sing my a** off.

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