News About 2016 Official Michael Jackson Calendars

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We hope you are having a wonderful week and have some great news to relay from the Estate. Many of you have contacted us seeking information about the official 2016 Michael Jackson calendar. We are happy to inform you that you will be able to order the calendar in the store beginning Friday (U.S. time.) We will send out the link to the calendar when it goes live.  There is also a second official calendar that will be available for 2016 in various retail around the world.

Furthermore, the Estate has asked us to let you know that the store at is coming under new management, which will help ensure that the t-shirts, music, and other products on sale are kept in stock, and orders are fulfilled even more efficiently.

The Estate has heard your feedback and thanks you for taking the time to send your notes to the Online Team.

We hope you enjoy the new calendars.

MJOnline The Official Online Team of The Michael Jackson Estate™

3 thoughts on “News About 2016 Official Michael Jackson Calendars

  1. Yayyy! I’ve been looking for a 2016 calendar and almost all of them were coming out of Europe. My usual sites didn’t have anything. Thx for the update!

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