Michael Jackson’s Nephews Say They “Don’t Go A Day Without Feeling His Loss”

Sources: Fox News – By Paulette Cohn | All Things Michael


For Michael Jackson’s nephews and Tito Jackson’s sons, Taj, Taryll, and TJ, there is no such thing as living their lives out of the limelight. So, they’ve decided to embrace it. The result is the Lifetime docuseries “The Jacksons: The New Generation,” premiering Oct. 2.

“Up until now, we’ve tried to guard our very private stuff, but the world is changing, and we’d rather just be open and give it to the world, so that they can be inspired,” TJ, 34, who is also the legal co-guardian of Michael’s kids, Prince, Paris and Blanket, tells FOX 411.

“The Jacksons: The New Generation” will follow the 3Ts, also the name of their music group, as they try to record an album, get their careers back in high gear, and take care of their families, all while living up to the pressures that come with being a member of the famous Jackson family and living under Michael’s shadow.


“The thing is just finding our way to find ourselves, if that makes any sense,” Taryll, 39, says. “It’s finding out who we are and getting to that place, because it is a large shadow. It’s something we’ll probably never be able to escape, but we’re very proud of that at the same time.”

And TJ adds, “I love my uncle more than anyone could ever imagine. I love my entire family, but it can get very difficult and frustrating because, no matter what we do, especially as second generation musicians, it seems like people will always see us with The Jackson 5, or Michael Jackson eyes.”

It isn’t that 3T hasn’t had its own success. The brothers toured and sold more than three million records worldwide just off their debut album, “Brotherhood,” in 1995. But it hasn’t been easy for them since Michael’s death.

“I’ve learned to just embrace being under the shadow of my uncle, because it’s the shadow of greatness, and no one will ever achieve what he achieved,” says Taj, 41. “For me, I don’t want to step away. I want people, always, to remember how great he was, and if we can contribute in some way, continue that storyline, that, for me, is just as important.”

In fact, Taj wants to produce a documentary to set the record straight on what he sees as the truth of Michael’s life. What has held him back so far is his concern about how his grandmother Katherine will feel about such an undertaking. It is a conversation the two have on “The Next Generation.”


“I feel a certain responsibility,” Taj says. “I feel like our family history is being rewritten a certain way, and I feel like the documentary is another way of getting the truth out there. At least it would be something to combat the negative lies that continue.”

Even though they’re Tito’s sons, Taj, Taryll, and TJ were dealt a strong blow by Michael’s sudden death. The 3Ts felt especially close to their uncle because when their mother Dee Dee died, Michael was there for them, reassuring them that everything would be okay.

“He said, ‘I have you,'” Taj says. “And that was the thing, for us, he did that. He was an integral part of our career, in that aspect, too, so [his death was] like losing a captain. You’re on a battlefield and you lose the captain, and you have to make your way and figure out where your journey goes from there, and so, we mourned, with the world, when he passed, but at the same time, it still affects us because he was our uncle, he was such a great man, and a great spirit, that we feel that loss even today.  I don’t go a day without feeling his loss.”

“The Jacksons: Next Generation” premieres Friday, October 2 on Lifetime.


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7 thoughts on “Michael Jackson’s Nephews Say They “Don’t Go A Day Without Feeling His Loss”

  1. I’m sitting here in tears, I just feel with my heart for all of them. He was their mentor, their friend and they felt his love just as we do. My heart goes out to all of them and I wish them the best of luck. Hold your head high and be proud. We all miss you Michael everyday.

      • My heart ached for all 3 of them – each dealing with their own hurts, responsibilities and family tension. I so wish Michael could be here for them. He was such a healer and he loved them so much. There is a huge void in all of them. For anyone who believes their life is charmed and easy – think again.

  2. I wish them all the success in the world. Michael would have wanted it. There’s already a snarky review in Variety about the series. Some things never change…

    • I can only imagine how they feel, having tragically and prematurely lost two very important people in their lives. I hope the show and the recording career revival go well. Music for adults is sorely needed.

    • I think that the media and the haters behind it are afraid that the public will finally see the truth about Michael. They also don’t want the Jackson’s to get their story out about their family either. That’s why you are seeing the stories from Radar, who are known Wade supporters, and other outlets. The Jackson’s make news and the more the story is embellished the more attention it gets.

      I hope that Taj gets to do that movie because the truth about Michael needs to be told by those who love and knew him best.

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