Brandon Andreasen Will Host Audio Workshop On Michael Jackson At Live Design Master Class

michael-jackson-one_st (1)

Some of the best in the biz are on tap for the Las Vegas Master Classes at LDI2015. The LVMC takes place on Wednesday and Thursday, October 21 – 22, with a combined manufacturer showcase, continental breakfast, and lunches for networking with peers from around the world, as well as a look at the hottest new gear to hit the market. Led by masters of the entertainment design and technology world, these classes focus on the tips, techniques, and technology of today and for tomorrow.

Brandon Andreasen, assistant head of audio, and primary front-of-house engineer for Michael Jackson ONE will provide participant’s with a look at the FOH engineer’s daily challenges of running the sound for one of Cirque du Soleil’s technically complex resident shows in Las Vegas. 

Brandon oversees the mix of the show, including CueStation programming, and the maintenance of the FOH sound system. He started working on the project in November of 2012.

WHEN: Thursday,  October 22, 2015, 11:45AM-12:30PM

ROOM:  N251

Register today for the LVMC!

Sources: Live Design | All Things Michael

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