Nisha Kataria – The Voice That Michael Jackson Adored

Sources: The Times of India | All Things Michael


PHOENIX: On a bright and sunny day in the fall of 2002, an Indian family living there was walking back to the car after attending a fair. The father asked his daughter to sing. Nisha Kataria, the daughter, started to sing. Within a minute or so, a stranger, who later introduced himself as an agent from Hollywood, approached the family and complimented Nisha on her singing and asked for her contact information.

Time went by and Nisha and her parents took that chance meeting as one of the many when people from the music Industry appreciated her singing but none thought of taking her under their wings. But almost a year since that fateful meeting at the county fair parking lot, Nisha’s dad received a call from Dieter Weisner, Michael Jackson’s manager, telling him that Michael had heard good things about Nisha’s singing and that he wanted to meet her.

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Nisha’s family dropped all engagements and drove down to Neverland. Upon their arrival, Nisha was led into his private home. Nisha and Michael casually talked for a bit before he asked her to sing for him. He requested that she sing “I will always love you” and once she completed the first verse and first hook, Jackson applauded and said, “You have the voice of an angel and not a lot of people can do what you just did.” Ever since, it became Jackson’s goal to make Nisha a star.

Nisha and her mother were invited to move into Neverland, where they stayed for three months. During that time, Nisha trained with Jackson and recorded a duet, which is yet to be released. They were set to go on and on together, but destiny had a different plan. With Michael Jackson having his own problems with court cases and his deteriorating health and his eventual death, his dream of having Nisha debut alongside himself remained unfulfilled.

Till date, Nisha has had a single released in Germany and has toured with boyband Westlife in the UK. After a hiatus, Nisha returns to the music scene with an EP dedicated to the man who believed in her first: Michael Jackson.

Nisha is also working in collaboration with Bappi Lahiri and his “Slum Stars” project. Like Michael, Bappi too has taken a strong liking to Nisha’s voice and wants her to share her music with the world.

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5 thoughts on “Nisha Kataria – The Voice That Michael Jackson Adored

  1. When I hear stories like this It makes me so sad. So much was lost when he left us. He had such a huge heart and keen instincts and had so many plans not only for his life but for others. 😦

      • But Judith Hill Came right before mj died, she didn’t move in with him for 3 months
        It’s the females that should have spoken up when the tabloids went ramped and said he only “helped boys” We know he tried to help both boys and girls but the rags don’t focus on the females because they never spoke up (some have), but not all I bet there are tons of other females out there somewhere that haven’t spoken up yet.

      • I was referring to Judith as far as helping her career, not the allegations. I see your point but maybe Michael didn’t want her involved in that scandal. He called her back later to work with him so he didn’t hold her accountable in that fashion.

  2. Where was she around Trial Time? She was proof MJ didn’t only want boys around, her and her Mother and her moved into Neverland for 3 months before the Trial. she could have spoken up a lot sooner then 6 years after MJ’s death. And a day after his Birthday. 😦

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