Update From Taj Jackson Regarding His Complaint Against The Mirror

Source: Taj Jackson


Hey guys. Here’s a quick update on my @IpsoNews IPSO complaint against the @DailyMirror Mirror in the UK. The Mirror published a headline and story saying my uncle paid £134m to 20 ‘victims’ he abused.

After months and months of investigation by IPSO, the Mirror has still failed to produce a single piece of evidence to support the story. The Mirror has offered repeatedly to run a minor clarification, but the wording has been completely unacceptable to me as it refuses to state in print that it ran the story and headline with no evidence, even though it has effectively admitted this during our correspondence.

As such, I have asked IPSO to investigate and rule on the case. If the case is determined on the facts, the IPSO will find against the Mirror. I can’t go into all the details as the case is still on going, but I will try to remain opptimistic and hope that everyone does the right thing.

Lies like these spread throughout the world like wildfire. Other media outlets take them and spread them even further. Then the “lie becomes the truth”.

The people who start or help spread these fires must finally be called out and held accountable.


Read more here: https://twitter.com/tajjackson3/status/628978922022170624

8 thoughts on “Update From Taj Jackson Regarding His Complaint Against The Mirror

  1. God bless him!! You don’t stop these rodents unless you fight them head on. He has the name, the clout and the determination (!!) to do it. Take ’em to the mat, Taj!

  2. I’m happy to hear that Taj is taking a stand and fighting against these atrocious lies regarding MJ. It takes a brave soul to fight for justice. Most folks will sit and complain and say what other folks should do, but when it comes to them taking action they are mute. I also know you have to choose your battles when they are relentless, but thankfully Taj has taken this battle on with the tabloid ‘The Mirror’…bless him!

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