Argyle Fine Art Auctions Weird Al/MJ Marionette To Aid Youth Art Connection

Sources: Argyle Fine Art | All Things Michael

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We were very fortunate to have a wonderful and unexpected guest visit us on Friday afternoon. The musical and comedic genius, Grammy Award winning and overall amazing human being, known to the world as “Weird Al” Yankovic. He popped by to see some art and show his support for a new body of work by local artist Darren Moreash while visiting Halifax to play two sold out shows while on his extensive Mandatory  Fun  World Tour.


One of the most iconic marionettes depicts “Weird Al” from his music video “Eat It” parodying  Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”, is up for auction! We’re excited to offer this autographed one-of-a-kind artwork of a one-of-a-kind celebrity. Al told us that any charity would be great, so we thought the YOUTH ART CONNECTION would be the perfect choice!  It’s a small but mighty organization that works with youth and fosters confidence in the arts and business.Youth Art Connection (YAC) is a Nova Scotia based not-for-profit working with youth, professional artists and community to make positive change. Check them out at:  


Watch the latest TV spot on this exciting project by clicking HERE

This is a wonderful way for a fan of the quirky art by Darren Moreash and a fan of Weird Al Yankovic to own a one-of-a kind work of art that can also act as a reminder to play everyday give back when you can. Play your part!


The eight marionettes by Moreash are hand carved and painted to pay homage to “Weird Al” and the characters he has played in his popular music videos and films. Al Yankovic was very generous with his time and genuinely enjoyed the works and hanging out with all of us for a little while. There was candy and music and of course, a puppet show. The works will be on display until the end of July at Argyle Fine Art and will be online for viewing and purchase by Tuesday, July 28th.  Two have already found homes with fans and one with Al Yankovic himself. We hope he enjoys playing with his marionette when he returns back home from his extensive world tour.



Read more here


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