Patriarch Of Musical Jackson Family Hospitalized In Brazil

Sources: The Denver Post- AP| All Things Michael


RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — A Brazilian hospital says Joe Jackson — the father of the late Michael Jackson and the patriarch of the musical family — suffered a stroke while visiting the South American nation.

An emailed statement early Monday from the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo says only that Jackson was admitted to the hospital Sunday afternoon. He is in the intensive care unit. The statement also said he was suffering from an irregular heartbeat.

The statement does not say exactly what condition Jackson is in. Calls to the hospital’s public relations department were not answered before business hours Monday.

Jackson is in Brazil in part to celebrate his 87th birthday — which was on Sunday.

Local media say Jackson was absent from his own party because he was already in the hospital. Photos from his official website show him dining in Sao Paulo restaurants.


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