Syd Mead – Futuristic Artist

Sources: Curbed – By Patrick Sisson | All Things Michael


“We don’t go into the future from zero, we drag the whole past in with us.” Many of us have predictions or pictures in our heads of what the future might look like. Syd Mead, a noted illustrator, concept artists and visual futurist, is one of the rare few whom are asked to put those images onto paper and out into the world. For decades, his groundbreaking designs and artwork for a variety of corporations, creative firms and cinematic projects have become synonymous with looking forward. His film work alone, which includes Blade Runner, Aliens and TRON, gave a generation a glimpse into what technology and design may have in store. Mead says that he would use architecture as a sort of “magical background” in his work. Curbed spoke with him about his architectural influences and his current views of the future of urban design.

Syd Mead (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage) *** Local Caption ***

Do you ever get approached by people doing urban planning or designers asking for ideas?
I do. I have a big project now that I can’t tell you about. I’ve worked on a handful of billion dollar, first-phase theme parks designs that didn’t work out; one was going to be in Singapore and one was going to be in Japan, near Kobe. The more money that’s involved, the more fragile the project becomes. I was even working with Michael Jackson on a possible Jackson World park. I’m 82; my dream would be to have a superyacht on the water, and a Syd Mead-type world world or park….

See excerpt below from Reflections of the Dance Website

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3 thoughts on “Syd Mead – Futuristic Artist

  1. Lovely words about our Michael in his letter. Sad that none of the their ideas came to fruition. Michael clearly had a heart for this type of project as many times as he ventured into plans.

    • Michael stated in an interview during the Thriller era, when Latoya said she wanted to be where he was, he said hadn’t done any special and he was just beginning. Even though the world has witnessed so much of Michael’s brilliance and creative genius, there was still a lot more that we will never see because of so many unfortunately circumstances that surrounded him. It’s our lost in so many ways, but at least he can stand before God and say that he did the best that he could with all that was bestowed upon him.

      • You are so right. The loss in all the lives he could have helped, the awareness he could have raised, the music he could have shared, the artists he could have mentored, the children he could have saved. We ALL lost…

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