Jackson 5 Founder Recalls Michael Jackson

Sources: Daily Express | All Things Michael


Kota Kinabalu: Not many can claim they had been a father figure in the art scene to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. And not many can share meaningful moments they had with him, too.

Motown legend Bobby Taylor, 81, who is in town for the Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival, is among the few who was entitled to that privilege.

“We were together from the time he was eight till he was 15. Thriller is my favourite,” said Taylor, who discovered Jackson 5, a band which Michael was part of with his siblings when they performed at the Regal Theatre in Chicago.

“We did Want You Back, ABC, I’ll Be There, Maybe Tomorrow, Ben and he and I just clicked. In fact, the fondest memory I had with him would be him falling asleep on my lap when we worked at the Regal Theatre.

“He stayed with me all the time and wouldn’t leave, and we were at the theatre from 9am till 12 midnight for ten straight days. Those memories are the ones I cherish the most,” he added.

Taylor was set to perform alongside local talents such as Liyana Fizi, May Mow, and Akademi Fantasia 2013 winner from Tawau Faizul Sany & The Hybrid apart from outside acts such as Gugun Blues Shelter and The Rio Sidik Quartet from Indonesia and Shun Ng from the US, on Friday.

The music fest will end on Saturday. Around 4,000 music fans are expected.


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2 thoughts on “Jackson 5 Founder Recalls Michael Jackson

  1. I don’t think Bobby ever got enough credit for being the one to actually discover, promote and mentor Michael and his brothers. I hope this helps.

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