MJ Tribute: Youth Musical “The Glove” Coming To Anthony Bean Theater, New Orleans

Sources: The Times-Picayune | All Things Michael

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A youth musical, “The Glove,” will be presented July 24-26 and 31 and Aug. 1-2 with Friday and Saturday shows at 8 p.m. and Sunday matinees at 3 p.m. at Anthony Bean Community Theater, 1333 S.  Carrollton Ave. in New Orleans. Tickets are $15. For information or tickets, call 504.862.7529.

Anthony Bean Community Theater and New Orleans Recreation Development Commission are working together to present the show, written and directed by  Bean.

The show features James Compton V, Brittani Johnson, Chyleah Green and Alivia Duplessis.

In the show, the year is 2011 and Michael Duplesis, a devoted fan and namesake of Michael Jackson, is having a hard time dealing with the death of the amazing mega star. Michael D’s only wish is to own one of the infamous gloves of his idol. The glove he believes is the source of Jackson’s power. He believes the glove gave Michael Jackson the ability to stand on his toes, kick his legs up and moonwalk across the stage.

Fullscreen capture 7232015 83210 AM

(center) James Compton V plays the lead Michael Duplesis.

Jackson’s hits such as “Thriller,” “Man in the Mirror,” “Beat IT,” and “Billy Jean” will be featured in the show. More than 75 ABCT/NORDC summer campers ages 7-17 will perform in a tribute to Jackson.

The creative team includes: Vic Woodward (scenic), Lyn Caliva (lighting designer), Kiersten Moore (choreography), Asia Nelson (vocal directions), Ms. B (costumes), and Staci Tolliver (stage manager.)


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