Duran Duran’s Danceophobia Interlude Inspired By Thriller

Sources: Idolator  – By Christina Lee| All Things Michael


When Duran Duran announced the tracklist for their 14th album Paper Gods, Lindsay Lohan’s name wasn’t listed, despite the actress hinting of just as much last winter. So keyboardist Nick Rhodes explained to Billboard what exactly fans should expect: Not only is Lohan featured, but her album cameo is inspired by Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller.”


“She asked to be a part of it, texting [frontman] Simon [Le Bon], and we thought, actually, there is one spot, ‘Danceophobia,’ where we needed someone to do a little role play for us,” Rhodes says. “The idea came from Jackson’s ‘Thriller,’ actually, the Vincent Price role.”

Price is the actor whose voice closes the song, speaking of how creatures “crawl in the search of blood to terrorize y’all’s neighborhood.” (The mere thought of it makes our skin crawl.) He has appeared in many films, from House of Wax to Edward Scissorhands, though his part in “Thriller” is among his best-known roles.


Hear Jackson and Price record a take below.


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