Evan Ross Discusses New Music, His Mom Diana, And The Best Michael Jackson Story

Sources: Global Grind – By Brittany Lewis| All Things Michael

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With music flowing through his DNA, it’s no surprise Evan Ross is pressing pause on his acting career to pursue a career in music.

Over the past year, Evan’s been recording tirelessly with his longtime friend and musical mentor Dallas Austin. After enlisting T.I. to lace his new single “How To Live Alone” with a dope verse, we caught up with Evan at the Westwood W hotel in Los Angeles just hours before he was scheduled to step foot on stage.

During our time together, Evan discussed in detail how he became good friends with legendary producer Dallas Austin, his mother Diana Ross not being a stage mom, his new single “How To Live Alone,” and of course, his marriage to pop star Ashlee Simpson.

But what’s an interview with Evan Ross without a great story about Michael Jackson?

On the six-year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s untimely death, we asked Evan to share a great MJ story with us, and what he shared was absolutely fascinating.

Evan’s currently readying his major label debut, which is scheduled to drop later on this year. Watch his exclusive interview.


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