Chris Brown Talks Fatherhood, Michael Jackson’s Influence And More

Sources: SCMP | All Things Michael


Notoriety seems to stalk Chris Brown like a shadow, but since the arrival of his daughter, Royalty, last year, the American R&B and hip-hop artist claims he is a changed man.

“It definitely puts life in perspective,” the 26-year-old Brown tells 48 Hours ahead of his performance at Dragon-i on July 22. “My little baby girl has helped me learn a lot in the past couple of months. Not only about being a father but about me as a person. She has helped me in so many ways already I can’t begin to list them.”

As a chart-topping singer — and sometime actor — the modern 24-hour media cycle seems tailor-made to fit the story of Brown and his rise to fame and fortune — as well as his well-publicised legal issues.

Here’s the youngster from a tiny US town in Virginia named Tappahannock (population just more than 2,000), who sang in the church choir and taught himself to dance by watching Michael Jackson. His self-titled debut album — released in 2005 when Brown was just 15 years old — made it to the second spot on the Billboard charts in the US and offered up a single ( Run It) that went straight to the top and made him a star.

Twelve Grammy nominations have brought one win (for his 2012 album F.A.M.E ) and all seven of Brown’s studio albums have made it to at least top 10 on the charts. So you might say the man has been a bit of a story, but Brown says he is comfortable with celebrity and with the way genre fans has followed his every move for the past decade.

“I don’t think [people today] put too much emphasis on celebrities,” says Brown. “Celebrities, a lot of the time are artists in some way — musicians, actors, painters, even athletes. Growing up, I idolised celebs like Michael Jackson because of his amazing dance skills and singing talent. Celebrities are role models, as well as just normal people. Sometimes we need to be reminded of that.”

My little baby girl has helped me learn a lot in the past couple of months. Not only about being a father but about me as a person. ~ CHRIS BROWN


While Jackson is an obvious influence, as Brown’s career has developed the singer has expanded his range — and hardened the edges of his music. He says he is always listening out for new sounds.

“My music is always evolving and changing,” he says. “I find influences for my music everywhere. My sounds and tastes have changed over the years due to the industry changing. New artists and new sounds are always being released. I think it’s very important for any musician to be able to allow new sounds and influences of the day to change their music.”


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