Netflix: Chris Tucker On Michael Jackson

Sources: The Washington Post – By Soraya Nadia McDonald | All Things Michael


Tucker is an excellent impersonator, a talent that even made him a favorite of Clinton’s, whom he imitated repeatedly at the former president’s behest while the two were traveling through Africa together. But perhaps more than anyone else, he’s an eerily flawless mimic of the late King of Pop — and not just his voice, but his dance moves, too.

Tucker indulges his audience with some old material and some new — he told his jokes about how Jackson enjoyed the music of Rick Ross and 50 Cent when he hosted the BET Awards in 2013. The two men would ride around in Jackson’s car, and Jackson would start rapping along to “In Da Club” in his trademark soft-spoken falsetto.

Tucker also talk about his experience on the set of the “You Rock My World” music video. He would screw up shots because he was supposed to be dancing and he couldn’t stop watching Jackson. Apparently Jackson decided one day to start calling Tucker “Christmas.”

Tucker recalled visiting Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, and yes, he took the train to Jackson’s front door. Jackson would be sitting in his living room, Tucker said, like Michael Corleone.

“You’d be sitting there talking, all of a sudden, something magical would happen, like two giraffes walking by the window,” Tucker said. “You’d be like, ‘What the f— was that? Michael, was that two giraffes just walked by the window?’”

And Jackson would answer, as if giraffes in one’s front yard was a perfectly everyday occurrence:

“‘It was three. It was three giraffes, Chris.’”


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2 thoughts on “Netflix: Chris Tucker On Michael Jackson

  1. “‘It was three. It was three giraffes, Chris.’”
    Reminds me of “I love touring.” 🙂
    Both Michael and Chris possess a great sense of humor. I’ll bet they were hysterical together.

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