Michael Jackson Flash Mob And Tribute Theme At The 2015 FIH2 International Festival Of Hip Hop In Brazil

Sources: Written by All Things Michael | FIH2


Now in its 14th year, the FIH2 International Festival of of Hip Hop, held its annual celebration of dance and urban culture on July 10 – 12 at the Teatro Positivo in Curitiba. In addition to presentations and competitions that attracted about 2000 subscribers, there were lectures, exhibitions and workshops. In total, the public event reached 7000 people. This year’s festival tribute featured the most iconic dancer and singer of our time, the legendary Michael Jackson!


“He was the first to put the dance on television, my generation started with him,” says the organizer of the international festival, Octavio Nassur.

Octavio Nassur

Octavio Nassur

In the festival entrance, visitors experienced the “Thriller Gallery,” in tribute to Michael’s record breaking hit. The public leisure area known as Dance City, was decorated with themes from the singer’s super hits as well as comfort lounges like “Beat It Lounge” and “Black or White” for example.

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The festival opening on July 10th began with 200 students dancing simultaneously to an eight minute soundtrack of MJ hits. The flash mob was held in Boca Maldita, downtown Curitiba. The visibility was augmented with the use of 14 by 5 meter screens upstage and side screens to provide the idea of ​​depth.

Also new this year, grants were awarded to participants and workshops focused attention on recycling, the risks of drugs and alcohol awareness and environmental entrepreneurship. The lectures conducted by managers of several innovative companies.   “We embrace this year as a social cause,” says Nassur.  “We demand the economic sustainability of the dance class. Culture has money. What we do not have is access to it, We have to decrease the perception of dance as a hobby, and enhance the profession.”

Ed Morales, choreographer to celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson, hosted a workshop and served as one of the competition judges.  Other world competition dancers featured were Babson, Alisson Jordan, Marina Ahumada, Cat Cogliandro and Jose Rodrigues.


Visit: http://www.fih2.com.br/

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