Lawyers For Michael Jackson’s Estate Blast Wade Robson Over Psych Report Fight — ‘This Is Absurd’

Source: Radar Online

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Wade Robson has hit a snag in his amended complaint against the late superstar Michael Jackson and his production companies.

Robson, who testified in 2005 that Jackson was not guilty of abusing but changed his story, is resisting the defendant’s attempts to access his psychological reports.

According to the motion, Robson is attempting “to quash a subpoena for documents issued by Defendants.” Robson, 32, argues the production companies are attempting to pass off a subpoena disguised as a premature exchange of expert information — or a big fishing expedition.


“This is absurd,” blast the defendants in legal documents. “As the Court can see, the subpoena is a subpoena — it is not a request for expert information.”

“That Robson is attempting to shut down discovery that will go to the key issue of Robson’s credibility raises further serious concerns about Robson’s credibility and motivations for filing this suit,” reads the scathing legal document. “One cannot help but asking, ‘What is Robson so concerned about this doctor disclosing?’”

As Radar reported, Robson first attempted to go after Jackson’s estate in May, but a judge in the case dismissed the molestation charges.

5 thoughts on “Lawyers For Michael Jackson’s Estate Blast Wade Robson Over Psych Report Fight — ‘This Is Absurd’

  1. 💋💕❤: Well we’ll ya think he’d want all the help he could right😂😂Why NOT! Open his records hummm. What Wade hidding lying bastard ,.. Bastards were all READY ABUSED long before they ever met Michael ..and this is what ppl so do when they have been abused looking to accuse others of ABUSING them !!! Typical Borderline personalities ..After all it was Wade and his family who went looking for MJ… Wades records should by all means be OPENED cus the Lil bitch has a very longgggg Psyche history of child abuse … Just like the Alverzes pan handling their kids for $$$” and lying on MJ and same with Jordy Chandler and his Crazy ass Sociopath father Evan Father tried to kill him with . A Bumb bell …finally committing suicide after MJS passed away .. All these people had issues and family problems long before they ever met MJ! The Family Dinamics .of all these families are very plane and clear …all of families were CRAZY .. Unfortunately Michael was a caring soul who became victimized and used by these Pathic people who still try to rob him and his children of hard earned wealth …$MH S.A.D.and very Pathic! #ProfessionalMentalTechican✌👓💊

  2. The next hearing is July 20 on both JS’ & WR’s cases. What is Robson so afraid of if he’s telling the truth? I hope the Estate’s team buries these guys. Sick to death of it all!!

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