Adam Driver’s Garage Grooves

Sources: Music News | All Things Michael


Adam Driver used to turn his garage into a disco so he could emulate his idol, Michael Jackson.

The actor has a legion of fans around the globe since landing a lead role in Lena Dunham’s TV hit Girls and he has worked on movie projects including Inside Llewyn Davis and While We’re Young.

Growing up, legendary singer Michael was his hero and the now 31-year-old would go to great lengths to pay tribute to him.

“When I was five, I absolutely worshipped the King of Pop,” he grinned in an interview with German magazine Neon. “We had a garage next to our house and I turned it into a disco. I practised the moonwalk for ages but sadly never really mastered it.”

These days, Adam looks for inspiration closer to home. He married Joanne Tucker in 2013 and credits her with keeping him down to earth.

“My wife is my biggest hero,” he gushed. “She ensures that amidst all this Hollywood craziness, I remain a normal person. For example, she’ll persuade me to go and see old friends, even if I’m not really feeling like it. Having a person like that in your life is far more important than a successful career.”

Adam’s star continues to rise, as he picks up more and more lucrative projects. He plays Kylo Ren in the new Star Wars film, Episode VII – The Force Awakens, which sees him team with the likes of Gwendoline Christie, Oscar Isaac and Harrison Ford.

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