Mikki Jay: Living Her Dream

Sources: The New Indian Express – By Aditi R | All Things Michael


CHENNAI: Six years after Michael Jackson’s death (on June 25, 2009), Mikki Jay, one of his most popular impersonators, enthralled the audience by paying tribute to the late king of pop at the Phoenix City Mall in Chennai on Saturday. This was the first time Mikki visited the city, and she seemed all thrilled about it.

Dream Come True

Performing in India is a dream come true for me. The outpour of love from fans has been wonderful. Unfortunately, I am here just for two days. So what I’ve seen has been limited. But everything I have seen, I loved wholeheartedly. The people of India are very loving and special. I hope to come back to India in future. Hopefully next time, I’ll be able to spend a bit more time in this wonderful country, and absorb more of the culture and cuisine here.

Time Crunch

I am in Chennai for just a day. The schedule involves a lot of flights and travelling. I flew in from England, did a show in Bengaluru, flew here in the morning, performed in the night and I am flying back to England tomorrow morning.

The Turning Point

I have been listening to MJ’s music since I was a toddler. I was entranced by his music and magical energy. I was about 12 years old when I decided that I wanted to be like him, but had no direction. One day when I was at work (as a biologist), I realised that I wanted something else. So I quit my job, told my family about it and went ahead, pursuing my dreams. They were stunned for a moment, but were very positive when they saw how serious I was. They have encouraged me ever since.


Getting Fans Hysterical

Initially, whenever I visited people, or performed in front of them, their reactions took me by surprise. It happens even now. For example, a few days ago, after my performance in Bengaluru, I went to an orphanage to donate books. The kids there went hysterical, as they thought I was Michael Jackson. Even though people know that I am Mikki J and not MJ, they enjoy my performance, as they are Michael’s songs. It is actually wonderful to know that MJ’s persona and music continues to live on.

Face-to-Face with MJ

He was very very sweet. Usually not many are comfortable having impersonators, but he was different. In one of my earlier performances in the 90s, he came backstage and congratulated me and told me to keep going. That was probably the best moment of my life. Since then, I have also performed with him a couple of times, he is just great. If I were able to talk to him now, I would show him all of the positive effects his charity and humanitarianism still had on the world today, and that his love helped so many people.

Bitten by MJ Bug

It is tough to replicate anything that Michael does. When you learn Michael’s dance moves, it’s not just learning the move that is important, but also adding his character and energy. Every Michael song is special, but I am a big fan of Keep The Faith from the Dangerous album. Michael has hundreds of songs and I have performed many of them, including a performance for Michael himself, which was the best performance of my life.

Message for Youngsters

While one must always follow one’s heart, one must also be absolutely sure about what one wants to do. Don’t become an impersonator just because people around are doing it. But if you truly want to, go for it. There is no harm.


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