Exhibition Marks Anniversary Of Michael Jackson’s Death

Sources: China.org | All Things Michael


A Beijing exhibition in the famous 798 Art Zone is marking the sixth anniversary of the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson’s tragic death six years ago.

The exhibition, held by Flower Art Cultural Communications Co. and the Michael Jackson Chinese Fanclub, collected and displayed hundreds of cherished Jackson memorabilia pieces and collectibles from all over the world.

The treasures include Jackson’s mother Katherine Jackson’s autographed book specially for Jackson fans in China from 2014, magazines, official released cassettes, CDs, HIStory Tour Taiwan concert ticket, vinyl LPs, Michael Jackson’s autographed photo and paintings bought from auction houses, French photographer Christophe Boulmé’s photographs of Jackson, as well as Chinese fan arts.

Keen Zhang, the president of the Michael Jackson Chinese Fanclub, said the exhibition will mark the 20th anniversary of Jackson’s classic album HIStory, which was released in 1995 and the sixth anniversary of his passing away.

“Six years have passed. He is gone but not forgotten,” Zhang said, “The exhibition brings fans closer to their fond memories of him. He was one of the most influential Western icons for generations in China, and his arts should speak louder and be remembered more than his controversies.”

The organizers also held a private night screening of a HIStory concert officially released in South Korea to celebrate Jackson’s legacy, which was attended by hundreds of fans.

The Michael Jackson HIStory 20 Tribute Experience Exhibition is being held from June 20 – 28, 2015.


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