Need Style Inspiration? Look To These Men’s Style Icons

Sources: The Cheat Sheet – By Meghan Foley | All Things Michael

By: sashanaa

By: sashanaa

Male fashion may not get the same level of attention as its female counterpart, but there is no doubt there are a number of actors, rock stars, artists, athletes, and writers whose styles have become the literal representation of a generation. Outfits evoke particular moods and feelings; they say a great deal about what a generation wants, how it sees the world, and what it values. The men who make up this list did more than listen to the right designer or have an innate sense of style. So, in a sense, these men are not just style icons but simply icons. And therefore it’s not just the clothes they wear (although that matters too) — but also the image they project, the feelings they evoke, and how they wear their clothes. They embody an era’s cultural zeitgeist. Style icons are not just celebrities who inspire our wardrobes, but people who create a entire sartorial identity that defines them completely and that endures the test of time, as Stella’s style director Kate Finnigan told the Telegraph.

So, without further ado, here is our list of 10 men whose style embodied essential moments in American cultural history and still inspire how we dress today.


Michael Jackson

Describing Michael Jackson simply as a recording artist, or even a musician with great style, is not inaccurate, but those descriptors are far too narrow; like the others preceding him on this list, Jackson is an essential piece of America’s cultural fabric.

The Huffington’s Post’s Dana Oliver notes that he earned the title “style icon” from “the very moment he stole the spotlight as lead singer of the Jackson Five,” dressed in floral button-down shirts and bell-bottom jeans. But this was Michael as part of a group, not his own persona. When he premiered his moonwalk to the world during an Emmy-winning performance of Billie Jean, at the commemorative Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever television special, he wore a fedora, black sequin jacket, and a single glove.

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2 thoughts on “Need Style Inspiration? Look To These Men’s Style Icons

  1. Hmmmm. Some of these definitely had me scratching my head but there’s only one I really care about. Michael is timeless. People are still wearing clothes to look like/identify with him and there’s not a doubt in your mind who they’re copying.

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