Rick Baker Auction Nets More than $1 Million

Sources: Makeup Mag – By Chris Koseluk | All Things Michael


It was a long day—more than nine hours by Brandon Alinger’s estimate. But in the end, all 417 make-up effects pieces in the Rick Baker auction sold. And when all the winning bids were totaled, proceeds topped $1 million.

“We were very pleased with the sale results,” said Alinger, Chief Operations Officer of the Los Angeles Prop Store, the memorabilia company that coordinated the auction with Baker. “Rick was happy. All the collectors I’ve talked to were very happy about the pieces they acquired, and that’s what it is all about.”

Held on May 29, 2015 at the Hilton Universal City in Los Angeles, the auction attracted more than 600 online and phone bidders from 17 countries. Though the crowd varied in size throughout the day, at any one time, about 50 bidders were vying for collectibles onsite. Baker himself was on hand to watch the action.  “There was a lot of press coverage in the run-up to the sale,” continued Alinger. “People seemed to pick up on the story that Rick was retiring.”

The Prop Store and Baker began putting the auction together last May. Items had to be chosen, organized and photographed. A few needed restoration. Then a catalogue had to be created. The collection was so enormous, the Prop Store’s facility wasn’t big enough and another location had to be found. The Prop Store even created some short videos (appropriately, a Baker’s dozen) about the process for its YouTube channel.

The exact tally was $1,069,085. But Alinger says that may drop slightly, as, in the heat of the moment, accidents can happen. “There are always a couple of glitches where a high bidder says, ‘Oh, I hit it by mistake,” he said. “We generally then offer it to the underbidder.”

Some of the hot items included the full-size Big Joe head skin, chest, arms and hands from 1998’s Mighty Joe Young; the winning bid was $27,500. The insert head with controls for the title character of 1987’s Harry and the Hendersons fetched $14,000. Michael Jackson’ lifecast molds, created for the 1988 Moonwalker film, went for $11,000.

Michael Jackson Body Lifecast and Molds MICHAEL JACKSON: MOONWALKER (1988)

Michael Jackson Body Lifecast and Molds
MICHAEL JACKSON: MOONWALKER (1988) sold for $11,000

But the day’s biggest take was for Men in Black’s Mikey, which sold for $32,500. “We had that on the cover of the auction catalogue,” continues Alinger “The display is 7-and-a-half feet tall. The actual costume was worn in the film, then Rick mounted it on a body cast. He had it in his showroom at Cinovation for years.”




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