In The Studio With MJ: “Tapas-Style” Seminar

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“In The Studio With MJ” will arrive in Madrid the first weekend of July. We have rented the beautiful Studio 3, and guests will come from all over Spain to join our seminars on Saturday, July 4th and Sunday, July 5th to last all day. Perhaps these intensive seminars are not for everyone. You might feel like a touchdown, an appetizer of the seminars. Perhaps you have heard talk of seminars on the Internet, but you’re not sure what you’ll find. Or maybe you come to the seminars all day and want to enjoy the Friday of the stories, music and memories of Michael. Maybe, just maybe, the “Tapas-Style” is the type of seminar you want.

In “Tapas-Style” you’ll hear things that may be in full or seminar. There will be times with leading content, but also some unique special snacks for those who come for “Tapas” with me. It will be a Friday evening you are not going to forget!

Four studio albums. Countless recording sessions. Music mixes. Danceable versions maxi-singles. Three world tours. A ranch called “Neverland.” This was the life and career of Brad Sundberg for nearly 18 years, working with the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. This is your chance to hear the music, the stories behind the songs, as it was being a part of team Michael. “Tapas-Style” goes through all these projects and memories.

Brad had the opportunity to work closely with Michael Jackson in the studio and at Neverland Valley Ranch. He was Michael’s technical director and one of the engineers in four studio albums, “Bad,” “Dangerous,” “HIStory” and “Blood On The Dancefloor.” Brad Michael even christened with the nickname “Really, Really Brad.” Each of these giant projects (including production, preparations for tours and countless remixes) came to last more than 16 months. You’re going to see and hear what it was like being in the studio with Michael and the team of engineers and producers who created these songs through a careful timeline of music, video and information about how it was done. “Captain EO,” “Man In The Mirror” or “Smile,” Brad was there, and you can see the process of creation.

In addition, Michael asked for help in the early stages of design and construction of Neverland Valley Ranch, his incredible home. The ranch was full of attractions, music and surprises waiting to be discovered. He instructed Brad to bring music to every corner. Michael even gave him specific playlists for certain areas of the ranch, to create the right atmosphere.

There will be time for questions, because Brad enjoys sharing his knowledge and experiences.

If you’re a fan of the music of Michael or are curious about how they recorded those albums and the incredible amount of tapes, songs and time spent, you do not want to miss “In The Studio With MJ – Tapas-Style” in Madrid on July 3.

FAQ seminars with Brad

Q – Will there be Spanish translation?
A – Yes. The workshops on Friday will have simultaneous translation into Spanish.
Q – What differences can be found between the seminar “Tapas – Style” and complete seminars?
R – I decided to offer the “Tapas-Style” for the Spanish audience can enjoy a complete summary of the seminars, but spending less time. It will take less than four hours compared to nine events on Saturday and Sunday.
P – I understand that I can not take my phone or camera in the studio, but will there be a safe place to leave during the seminar?
A – Yes. At the entrance to collect all phones, cameras, computers, etc., and store it in a safe place. There will be time to make calls, send messages, etc. during breaks.

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