Jason Derulo On Michael Jackson’s Influence In His Career

Sources: New.com.au | All Things Michael


There’s a real ‘80s influence on that song and the album in general — what did that era in music mean to you?

I wasn’t around for that era — but looking back on it there was such a feel-good vibe and real instruments. It was when Michael Jackson and Prince were in their prime and they are two of my biggest influences, and so naturally that era has played a big part in my musical journey.

There’s definitely a Michael Jackson influence not only in the music — but also in some of your outfits. What did MJ mean to you?

He was my biggest influence and the sole reason I started singing and dancing in the first place. He was the greatest of all time — he’s that person you can strive to be close to. He changed the face of music forever and even to be mentioned in the same sentence as someone as talented as him is crazy.


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