The Spirit Of Michael Jackson’s Thriller Rocks Phoenix ComiCon

Sources: The Examiner – By Debe Benning | All Things Michael


Michael Jackson’s iconic album and video “Thriller” is a classic and will remain his best piece of work in the eyes of his fans and the music world until eternity. ‘Thriller debuted in 1982 and sold over 100 million copies making it one of the biggest selling albums ever! When the ‘Thriller’ video debuted in 1983 sales soared once again.


Friday’s Phoenix Comicom Panelist, Jason Alofs, offered an informative session of the making of Michael Jackson’s music video and album, ‘Thriller,’ with a behind the scenes tour of the film makers, make up and costume designers, dancers and musicians who came together to create this horror masterpiece.

Jason Aloft

Jason Aloft

The audience was treated to a recording of Vincent Prices reading the poetic ‘rap’ associated with the music of ‘Thriller.’ They were also treated to a special viewing of the full 14 minute ‘Thriller’ video starring Michael Jackson.

Later Friday morning Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ fans were treated to a ‘Learn to Dance the Thriller’ session hosted by Arizona’s ‘”Thrill the World” group. A team of dancers demonstrated step by step the famous musical number performed around the world. Whether you were human, or zombie, the Phoenix ComiCon guests can proudly impress their friends with thrilling new dance step moves.

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Join the ‘Thrill the World’ dance troupe in October 2015 when friends, families and other local residents join together with thousands of people around the world to celebrate Michael Jackson’s talent by dancing simultaneously to the classic ‘Thriller!”

The Phoenix ‘Thrill the World’ group will gather at FEAR FARM. See their FACEBOOK page for more information.


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