Happy Graduation To Prince Jackson!


All Things Michael would like to congratulate Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. (aka Prince), who will be graduating from high school today. With much hard work and dedication, you have accomplished a major milestone in your life.

The MJ community wishes you much success and many blessings in the next phase of your education. Much prayer and support is behind you. Stay focused and keep reaching for the stars!

We love you! 

Happy Graduation!


Time Flew By So Quickly

We can’t begin to tell you
Just how loved you are
We can’t believe how time has flown
And how you’ve come so far

Forgive us when we stop and stare
And tears fall from our eyes
Time flew by so quickly
Sure took us by surprise

Now here you stand before us
A respectful, honest man
Strong-willed and determined
Who always says, “I can”

There are no doubts within our minds
That you’ll indeed succeed
Your future holds so much in store
But ‘that smile’ is all you need

No matter where life leads you
No matter what you do
We’ll always be your biggest fans
And we’ll be here for you.

By Judy Muldowney

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2 thoughts on “Happy Graduation To Prince Jackson!

  1. What a wonderful young man he’s become. Smart, mature, motivated, gracious. He’s grown up before our eyes and I still see that little toddler in his face. He has his father’s integrity and focus. Conquer the world, Prince – just like your daddy did!

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