Wade Robson Molestation Case Against Michael Jackson: DISMISSED!

Sources: The Hollywood Gossip | All Things Michael


Michael Jackson’s sexual molestation accuser Wade Robson will not be continuing his claims against the star’s estate, as a judge has thrown out the case.

The complaint filed by Robson, alleging long-repressed molestation by Michael Jackson, was dismissed by Judge Mitchell Beckloff earlier this week.

The estate’s attorney confirmed the somewhat surprising decision.

Howard Weitzman said “Our Motion for Summary Judgment was granted and Robson’s Request to File a Late Claim against the Estate was denied.”

“The court’s dismissal of Wade Robson’s claim against the Estate of Michael Jackson confirms that his lawsuit was inappropriately filed.”

Wade was not helped by testifying adamantly at Michael’s 2005 molestation trial that Jackson never touched him or acted scandalously.

“Mr. Robson testified under oath in a courtroom that Michael never did anything improper with him,” Weitzman said of that famous case.

“The Estate believes his testimony was honest when his sole motivation was ‘to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.’”

Wade Robson said Michael Jackson raped him as a child.

His attorneys previously argued that the claim should be allowed to proceed, even though it was filed four years after the pop icon’s death.

Their logic was that it wasn’t until Wade began intensive therapy that the choreographer realized he was allegedly molested by Jackson.

Ultimately, the statute of limitations combined with Wade’s previous testimony proved to be his undoing legally, as the estate prevailed.

This does not set a good precedent for James Safechuck’s lawsuit, which we would have to imagine meets a similar demise shortly.


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7 thoughts on “Wade Robson Molestation Case Against Michael Jackson: DISMISSED!

  1. I was shocked that the judge even accepted this delinquent claim and allowed it to linger for this long. This decision surely sends a message as to how other late claims will go.

    “A false witness will not go unpunished, nor will a liar escape.” –Proverbs 19:5

  2. Thank you, God! I know this isn’t the end of it – there will be the civil suit – but it’s a huge step forward.

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