Michael Jackson’s 1999 Barnstaple Performance Confirmed As Lookalike

Sources: North Devon | All Things Michael


IT HAS finally been confirmed that a “Michael Jackson” performance in Barnstaple in 1999 was actually just a lookalike.

There was a media frenzy after the star apparently performed at the Queen’s Theatre on October 17, 1999 – but the Journal was one of the only papers to allege it was not actually the man himself.

And now professional dancer Anthony King has written a blog claiming it was in fact his brother who played Michael Jackson on that day.

He said: “My brother played Michael Jackson, I was involved with the choreography, I danced in the show, I produced and edited the music for the show and I also directing the lighting and pyrotechnics earlier on in the day.

“We, my brother and the team went down to Devon and we performed the show. Now, nobody said that Michael Jackson was performing. What happened was that we turned up to the theatre in a very extravagant way.”

The show itself was billed as a secret charity event organised by Matt Fiddes, who was Michael Jackson’s bodyguard.

Only one photographer ever surfaced of the event, which was incredibly blurry.

Despite a statement from Michael Jackson’s record company at the time confirming he was in fact in Los Angeles, it was still widely reported that the man himself was in Barnstaple.

“The next day the media were crazy, Michael Jackson had performed in Devon,” said Anthony. “This literally went around the whole world. They interview all the staff and all the technicians and it was quite funny actually. The Big breakfast show was a favourite of mine because they were analysing US, what we wore, what we said, it was very very funny. If you just be quiet the impression you can give. Also, they said that we were American, and I don’t think I sound American.”

Anthony said he even managed to convince Michael Jackson’s pyrotechnician that the star himself was in Barnstaple.

“It was really fun that he didn’t even notice after touring with Michael that it wasn’t Michael,” he said. “I just thought that this was crazy…I have to admit. I thought it was fun, I thought my brother looked amazing. The dancers, Frazier, Solomon, Rob and myself.

“I thought that it was okay but I did not think that it would convince people but it obviously did and the word really did get out across the whole world and even when Michael Jackson’s record company put out a statement saying that it wasn’t Michael Jackson, people STILL didn’t believe it.

“It really really was a crazy week and the show was October 17, 1999 and that week the headlines news were ‘Michael Jackson in Barnstaple’.”

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2 thoughts on “Michael Jackson’s 1999 Barnstaple Performance Confirmed As Lookalike

  1. Do you remember this, CP? Was it believable??
    What an example of how out of control the media and rumors became.

    • Yes I do remember this but I didn’t pay it too much attention at the time. They have always starting crazy rumors about Michael and I figured that this was one of them. I don’t remember it being a big thing here in the states either. It was very puzzling to me as to why people who there was saying it was him, but his record company was saying that it was not. Now I see how this confusion started. Matt was behind it…enough said. SMH

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