Start Small To Help End Lupus (MJ Related)

Sources: Eagles Observer | All Things Michael


Besides a collection of radio hits, what do Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Selena Gomez, Seal and Toni Braxton have in common?

Like 1.5 million of their fellow Americans, they’ve struggled with lupus, a chronic autoimmune disorder that attacks the skin, joints and internal organs.

While you may not have been lucky enough to meet one of the stars mentioned above, chances are you have met someone with lupus here in Central New York.

While no two cases of lupus are alike, common symptoms include joint pain, fatigue, fever, hair loss, sensitivity to light and the “butterfly rash,” a sunburn-like rash across the nose and cheeks.

Lupus has no cure, and treatments are relatively limited. But it’s important that sufferers of the disease — and the people who care for them — know they are not alone in their fight.

There are many things you can do to help those fighting lupus.

First, educate yourself. Since the condition can mimic other illnesses such as fibromyalgia or multiple sclerosis, it can take years for patients to receive a proper diagnosis of lupus. Communicate honestly and openly with your doctor if you or your loved one show signs of lupus. (See the sidebar on this article for more information.)

While the cause of lupus is unknown, it may have hereditary and environmental components. Women in their childbearing years, especially women of color, make up 90 percent of lupus patients.

Second, get involved. Donations to the Lupus Alliance help sustain services for local patients, including peer counseling, support groups and physician referrals. The alliance also welcomes volunteers for its annual Walk Along for Lupus, which is held in March.

The Lupus Research Institute funds studies on the causes of and treatments for lupus. If you have lupus, you may be eligible to participate in clinical trials to help develop new treatments. Visit to find out more.

Contact your elected officials and ask them to support health care legislation, such as laws that keep medications affordable or fund research. The Lupus Foundation of America has a guide to becoming a “lupus activist”

Finally, have compassion. Many of the symptoms of lupus aren’t outwardly visible. Patients may not look sick, but they often suffer extreme fatigue and pain. Be understanding if your co-worker needs to take several days off during one of his “flares” or if your friend isn’t feeling up to a girls’ night out.

Even a small step to aid the fight against lupus makes a difference. Starting here in Central New York can help patients and health care providers alike bring an end to this autoimmune disease.

Note: I know that many fans do not like Diane Sawyer, but I have posted this video to focus on the doctor’s discussion about Michael’s condition because there are still some people who still do not believe that he had vitiligo or lupus.

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11 thoughts on “Start Small To Help End Lupus (MJ Related)

  1. Completely nuts. It makes me so mad. She must have seen the film of his hair going up in flames after he danced down those stairs in the Pepsi advert, him with his head all wrapped up on a hospital trolley in an ambulance, and read about his donating his $1.5 million compensation to the Brotman Memorial Hospital Burns Unit which was in Los Angeles, not New York!

  2. Diane Sawyer said she’s looking at the pictures of Michael Jackson in a whole new way after the doctor informs her of the various ways that one’s body is affected by lupus and vitiligo. I hope that she and others better understand what MJ and fellow suffers of these diseases have had to endure…there is a physical as well as a psychological pain that is associated with these diseases. Educating and eradicating the ignorance of the general public about these diseases is vital and necessary as one way of stopping bullying.

  3. This was a good article and video. Simple explanations of all the effects that lupus can have on one’s body. So many of these symptoms Michael had – joint pain, hair loss, insomnia, susceptibility to germs/infection (masks?), sensitivity to light and “butterfly rash”, vitiligo and maybe more but so many were willing to condemn him. Michael suffered so much in silence.
    It was also new to me that lupus affects primarily people of color.
    This interview was only 2 weeks after Michael’s death. Sawyer’s tone was softer but she still couldn’t resist saying the Michael’s scalp was “allegedly” burned in the Pepsi commercial. Allegedly??!!

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