Five Very Important Things We Learned Whilst Being Michael Jackson!

Sources: MTV Music | All Thing Michael


In a career spanning five decades, Michael Jackson scored countless chart-topping singles, won numerous Grammys and sold over 750 million albums globally. The King of Pop also taught the world how to Moonwalk.

Paying tribute to the legend and to celebrate Amazon Local’s new venture into offering West End tickets, MTV UK were invited to London’s Lyric Theatre, the set of Thriller Live!, to nail the Moonwalk and learn some of MJ’s best moves.

Here are a few things we picked up whilst being Michael Jackson and Moonwalking in general:

1. Stand on your toes, push back with your heel

After a lot of hopeless shuffling and deliberating we finally got the hang of things by thinking twice and taking Michael’s strong advice – stand on your toes, push back with your heel.

2. ‘Billie Jean’ could well be the greatest floorfiller of all time

‘Billie Jean’ is more than just the second single from Michael’s 1982 album Thriller, it’s a universal language capable of transforming dull wedding receptions and birthday parties into the most rocking disco in town.

3. ‘Thriller’ could well be the greatest dance routine of all time

You know the score, the hand clapping, sidestepping, shoulder shimmying and head shaking…

Get it right and you’ll win the crowd over, get it wrong and you’ll most likely be asked to leave the premises!


4. One glove beats two, always

Whether you’re shooting at gangsters in ‘Smooth Criminal’ or trying to charm an Egyptian queen in ‘Remember The Time’, one sequin covered glove trumps two.

5. We really miss him

Michael Jackson sadly passed away on June 25, 2009, the eve of his 51st birthday, leaving the world in mourning.

The show is a moving homage to the superstar’s legacy and The Lyric’s longest running production ever – currently in it’s seventh year.

Tickets for Thriller Live! and other West End shows are available from the Amazon Local website and app.

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