Upcoming Events For In The Studio With Michael Jackson – The Lab And More!

Sources: Sent by Brad Sundberg – Thank you | All Things Michael


In The Studio With Michael Jackson is kicking into a very busy couple months. This weekend we will be in Toronto hosting a very unique event called “The Lab.” It will comprise of 90% of our current seminar material, but also some new test segments – including our new two-hour virtual tour of Neverland complete with multi-point surround sound of the ACTUAL sounds I created for Neverland. “The Lab” in Toronto is going to be a lot of fun this Saturday. The Neverland tour is pretty cool, and I’m working on a segment on… oh, I can’t spoil it. See you on Saturday!

In June we will be in Cologne, Germany with Brad Buxer and Michael Prince for a special four-day event detailing our working practices, stories, music and memories. This is nearly sold-out, but a few tickets are still available.

The following weekend I will be in Madrid, Spain (without Brad B and Michael P) for a weekend of “In The Studio With MJ” seminars.

After that we will be in Gary/Chicago, Orlando, Las Vegas and Brazil.

Thanks for your support and enthusiasm!

Keep The Faith –



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