B.B. King’s Take On Jimmy Reed’s “Big Boss Man” Mixed With “Billie Jean”

Sources: The Stranger – By Mike Nipper| Edited By – All Things Michael

All things Michae edit45

Last week, after learning B.B. King died, I spent some time picking through King’s deep discography searching for anything straying from his classic urban blues style. I reckoned, as he’d been making records for SEVENTY years, you know, there might be something unheard, like an odd disco track or even him rapping; I hoped to suss out any attempt to keep King relevant after urban blues had drifted away from the pop charts. Um, my search paid off; I found an odd, mid-’80s, experiment incorporating Michael Jackson‘s “Billie Jean” into King’s take on Jimmy Reed‘s blues standard “Big Boss Man.”

I couldn’t imagine ANYONE suggesting using a wholesale lift of “Billie Jean” to underpin, and slightly boogie up “Big Boss Man.” Michael Jackson was f****** everywhere in the mid ’80s and this track would’a been the most obvious nick. “Boss Man” is off King’s 1985 album Six Sliver Strings.

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