The 11 Biggest Pop Duets of Last Decade

Sources: – By Courtney E. Smith| All Things Michael


A good duet, in our modern age, is a rare thing. There are plenty of features, guest verses and co-writes, and the cameo drop-in is a dime a dozen. The number of genuine duets, where vocalists share verses and tell a story together in the space of a song, is very small.

We compiled a list of the flashiest, most important, most entertaining duets of the last decade in pop music. The biggest moments in big pop duet recent history are all here. Some of them are simply a huge moment framing two iconic artists. Some of them are ground-breaking reinventions of the concept of a duet. Some are surprise hits that launched a career, while still others are proof-positive that an emerging artist is a star in the making.

All of them are moments we won’t ever forget.

1. Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake “Love Never Felt So Good”

Of course this Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake duet is number one on the list of duets in the last decade. It’s the biggest male pop star from 2000(ish) on with the King of Pop. It’s a duet we never thought would exist, but it was the biggest deal of the decade starting from the moment it was released. It simply doesn’t get any bigger for duets.


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