Line Artist Paints MJ And More Upside Down

Sources: The Rakyat Post | All Things Michael


Rapid line art painting, a talent more associated with Western artists, has found an ardent follower in Perakian lad Joel Raj Victor, 23.

Joel Raj’s upside down paintings are indeed something to behold as they are composed using only using black poster colours and a paint brush.

His talents came to prominence today when a video of his painting for Mother’s Day on Facebook came to the notice of his friends, who rapidly began sharing the video of him drawing famous personalities like Michael Jackson, Bruce Lee and Jesus Christ.

His picture of a mother and child drew praises.

“Painting is an interest that I developed at the age of 5,” Joel Raj told The Rakyat Post.

A software engineering graduate from University Tenaga Nasional (Uniten), his journey to find  an identity for himself as a professional began with his decision to set up his own business, Jobest Cinematography.

“I have never had formal instruction on painting.

“Everything I know I would credit to YouTube videos and tons of practice.

“The world would be a happier place if people did what they are passionate about.”

View the videos of his paintings:

Mother’s Day Special:¬if_t=like

Upside down paintings of famous people:


Read more here

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