Study Of 17,000 Hit Pop Songs Identifies The Years To Remember And The Ones Best Forgotten

Sources: The Independant | Edited By All Things Michael


Researchers from Queen Mary University of London and Imperial College London conducted a scientific study of 17,000 hits songs by patterns, chord changes and tones, allowing researchers to statically identify trends.

The study concluded that 1986 was the least diverse year for the charts, a fact the researchers attribute to the sudden popularization of drum machines and sampling technology.

The Hall of Fame years 

1964 – The Singing Nun and Bobby Vinton are replaced by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. But the report says the groups’ musical style merely “exaggerated existing trends… towards increased use of major chords and decreased use of ‘bright’ speech and increased guitar-driven aggression and decreased use of mellow vocals”.

1983 – Michael Jackson, The Police, The Eurythmics and even Dexys Midnight Runners topped the US charts in music’s second revolutionary epoch.

1991 – Considered as the breakthrough year due to the rise of hip hop, rap and other related genresexemplified by the music of Busta Rhymes, Nas, and Snoop Dogg, who all use chords particularly rarely”. However, the academics neglect to explain why “(Everything I Do) I Do It  For You” by Bryan Adams is the year’s top-seller.

Read the full article here


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