Ciara Performs Michael Jackson Tribute On Tour

Sources: Music Times – By Mereb | All Things Michael


Singer Ciara rocked the Best Buy Theater in New York City during her Jackie Tour where she proved she still had the same fiery moves since her “Goodies” album debut in 2004.

It seems Ci-Ci is back and better than ever with a fresher look and a bigger sound. As expected, Ciara wowed in a sexy black bandeau crop top with a short black blazer and her signature black baggy pants. All eyes were glued on her as purple lights lit up the stage and she reenacted her famous microphone scene from her “Promise” music video. The crowd cheered as if they were witnessing her in a dance battle with unmatched opponents.

As the stage blacked out, Ciara reemerged with blazing white lights as speakers blasted heart beat sounds before she went into her 2006 hit song “Like A Boy.” Immediately, cheers explode and the packed crowd sang along before she witnessing her bend backwards without any support during her Matrix move- Yup, she still has it!

One interesting turn during the night ended up being a big crowd-pleaser as she reappeared on stage wearing a black hat, imitating the late pop star and legend, Michael Jackson. Although, she’s been compared to Janet Jackson since her start, Ciara dominated his moves effortlessly in a mini tribute.


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2 thoughts on “Ciara Performs Michael Jackson Tribute On Tour

  1. Awesome. Love the crowd goin’ crazy when they realize she was doing MJ.
    Love Goodies – old, I know, but still love it!

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