Baltimore’s Michael Jackson Protester Raising Money For Freddie Gray’s Family

Sources: Inqusitr| All Things Michael

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Michael Jackson impersonator Dimitri Reeves has been trying to bring positivity into the protests surrounding the death of Freddie Gray. Reeves reportedly danced for four hours in front of riot police, and the videos of his moves have started to go viral.

The man who has become known as the “Michael Jackson Protester” talked with Rolling Stone about his version of protesting.

“We try to show positivity. We actually go to the hood areas and try to show love and support for those who are less fortunate and those who just need their minds taken off the negativity.”

His Michael Jackson-like moves have brought a lighter side to what has otherwise been a traumatic time for the beleaguered city of Baltimore.

According to local WMAR Baltimore, Reeves is also dancing to raise money for Freddie Gray’s family.

The family’s lawyer, William Murphy Jr., told reporters, “The worst of the Gray’s family days in the history of this family have been the last three weeks.”

Nevertheless, the family’s wishes align with those of the Michael Jackson protester, both want peace.

The Guardian reported Freddie Gray’s stepfather said, “We ask that whoever comes to our city, a city that we love, comes in peace,” after the six officers implicated in Gray’s death were formally charged.

Reeves has danced to “Beat It,”“Man In The Mirror,” and Michael Jackson’s cover of the Beatles’ classic “Come Together,” just to name a few. His dance routines have brought out a number of Jackson’s signature moves, including the moonwalk. He frequently uses trucks and street lights as his stage.

“It was dance,” 22-year-old Reeves said. “If I could bring one smile to a face, it was worth it.”

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