Review: Leon Outlaw Jr. As Young Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder And Berry Gordy In Motown The Musical

Sources: EuroWeb – By DeBorah P. Pryor | Edited By – All Things Michael


It will probably come as no surprise that the audience went nuts when “The Jackson Five” came on the scene. Though there are three actors cast in the role of young Michael Jackson, at this performance Leon Outlaw, Jr. performed the role (to sheer perfection, I might add). Several of the ensemble actors perform multiple roles; and young Outlaw also did well as young Berry and Stevie Wonder (another awesome performance as it is no easy task to prop your head the way Stevie does and look authentic. Kudos also to the older Stevie Wonder as well, played by Elijah Ahmad Lewis).

But as Michael Jackson, this kid was so on point. Not only did Outlaw have that pure, authentic voice we recall in young Michael so well; but he had the spirit of the youngster down pat. The first sign of which was evident in the scene where he and his brothers had finished their audition for Gordy and “Michael” runs over to the CEO and excitedly asks, “Are you gonna sign us?”

Another incredible moment for the audience was that familiar “purple hat” performance (see photo below) on the Ed Sullivan show; where at the beginning, the pose of the group alone, send many into a frenzy.

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