A New Look For Michael Jackson – By Roberto Cavalli

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368. A new look for Michael Jackson…

Michael Jackson had organized a small, private dinner, I would say a very intimate dinner because we were completely alone in the restaurant of one of the most prestigious hotels in Las Vegas, away from prying eyes.

Finally he began to tell me about his desire to usher in a new period of his musical life. A new style to which he wished to give a new look.

He made me realize that he wanted to abandon forever the short jackets, tight pants, white socks with loafers blacks. He had already noticed that I was wearing – as I always do – ankle boots in black suede. Well, that would be a look that he would like. He made me realize that he greatly admired the fantasies of the embroideries we had put on the shiny fabrics of some of our women’s jackets.

So he wanted something that would stand out, a rock-chic-elegance.

We left one another promising to meet again soon and I assured him that I would send some sketches and ideas for his new Michael Jackson look.

From that day we began to talk one another often. He had already accepted some of my proposals and, with the help of my son Daniele, we organized a first meeting in London to show him an exquisitely worked jacket we had designed for him. He was impressed!

His first return to the public would be in London during the “Fashion Rocks”. There was great expectation; the press had given a lot of coverage to his new look and I was part of that great event.

The final examination gown was exciting. Michael was delighted and expressed his approval!

During the concert the audience was screaming his name to the rhythm of the music. Michael continued to dance walking on the stage. The audience reached out to touch him, just to experience the sensation of touching him and his clothes.

Michael took off his jacket, swung it twice over his head and threw it into the screaming audience!

I looked at Daniele’s face. He was shocked! The wonderful “jacket” that had cost so much creative effort had ended up in the hands of a fan who certainly could not possibly imagine what had gone into it!

When Michael returned to the backstage I hugged him, and jokingly expressed my disappointment about the jacket… “Roberto, please, I was very excited… Just make me a new one…!” he said, hugging me again.

The world has lost a great artist and I have lost a friend.



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One thought on “A New Look For Michael Jackson – By Roberto Cavalli

  1. I remember being in awe of this outfit as Michael literally floated into the stage but also aghast when he threw the jacket into the crowd. However,
    nothing meant more to him than enthralling his fans. I just wish I’d been there to catch it. Lucky, lucky fan.

    Interesting that Michael wanted a totally different and perhaps more mature image. He really was looking forward to a new life.

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