Students To Perform Michael Jackson Songs Among Others At Music Festival

Sources: Standard Digital – By George Orido | Edited By – All Things Michael

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Kenya: Virtually all music lovers know him. The late Michael Jackson remains a legend in the entertainment world. His magical voice and enchanting dance moves will continue to thrill the world for a long time.

Perhaps that is why starting August, students will for the first time perform Jackson’s songs at the annual Kenya Music Festival (KMF). Secondary, college and university students will be free to perform many other songs by music greats such as Abba, Harry Belafonte, Phil Collins, Beyonce, Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, Don Williams and Jim Reeves among others. The music will come from all parts of the world.

The decision to allow this new category was announced by KMF Executive Secretary Benson Abwao yesterday at an ongoing workshop for music teachers in Kisumu. The songs will be performed under a new category titled Zilizopendwa – The Rest of the World.

“We will for the first time give students an opportunity to present and perform adaptations and arrangements from the rest of the world excluding Africa from the year 2000 going back,” he said.

“Teachers will have to be keen to choose songs that empower vocal involvement by students, rich in poetic lyrics and with educational messages for all,” admonished the workshop facilitator, Silvester Otieno of Kenyatta University, while taking participants through the basic tenets of this new category.

Noting that there were stringent copyright laws in Western countries, Otieno asked teachers to first get permission to use the music.

“We hope the ministry (of Education) will assist us in arranging the legal issues so teachers can avoid injunctions and expensive copyright infringement procedures within international law,” he said.

Richard ole Simiyu from Moi Girls Isinya in Kajiado welcomed the introduction of the new class, saying it would help Kenyan students interact with positive world cultures that would make them global citizens.

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