“Just Chillax And Think” Says Dancing Michael Jackson Impersonator To Baltimore Protesters

Sources: RT.com | All Things Michael


Amid the chaos that gripped Baltimore this week, music has brought some peace onto the streets. “We’ve had enough violence,” Michael Jackson impersonator Dmitri Reeves told RT about his viral performances during the protests.

RT:We’ve just seen you in action doing your moves, very nice. Do your street performances carry a message for the protesters?

Dimitri Reeves: I think they do. I just want to bring positivity and peace to the streets. I think that we’ve had enough violence.

RT: Were you not scared that something could happen to you, that something would fly into you and you’d get hurt, because it’s been pretty violent?

DR: I wasn’t scared of that. I was more scared of getting shut down, not being able to perform for the people more than getting hit by a bat or something.

RT: And what do your performances do for the people then? You are talking about positivity…what reaction have you been getting from the people?

DR: Oh, wow. I mean, my manager Ron Mason, he took me on the streets and said: “Hey, we got to do this. We’ve got to bring positivity!” We’ve been doing this for two and half years now.

So everybody kept on telling me: “Keep on going!” when I was playing the songs. We did “You are not alone, “ Man in the mirror”.

RT: Particularly for the people who are protesting, for this kind of violence.

DR: We did songs that protesters would relate to as well. But the one that’s going viral is “Beat it!” And a lot of people are saying I want five minutes of fame or something like that. And I’m like “No, Baltimore knows, I always do this.” So what better time to do this, you know what I mean.

RT: So who inspires you other than Michael Jackson?

DR: Usher, Chris Brown, hmmm… a lot of other artists.

RT: Dancers and singers then, you like all round performers?

DR: I think everybody; if you can bring art to the table, if you’re an entertainer in general, I have respect for you and you inspire me.

RT: I want to ask you, do you think that anything positive could come out of the protests?

DR: Yes, I think if people would stop destroying things and would just be peaceful I think a lot could come out of it.


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One thought on ““Just Chillax And Think” Says Dancing Michael Jackson Impersonator To Baltimore Protesters

  1. God bless him. He uses the gifts he’s been given to try to better his environment. Sounds like someone else I know.

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