This Michael Jackson Impersonator Is Hoping To Heal Baltimore One Moonwalk At A Time

Sources: COS – By  Michelle Gelani | All Things Michael

As Baltimore residents and officials clean up after Monday’s intense riots, one man hopes to heal the city in his own way. Local singer/rapper Dimitri Reeves is using the music of  Michael Jackson to help bring comfort to the surrounding community, which is mourning for Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man who died last week after sustaining a serious spinal cord injury while in police custody.

Reeves, a well-known King of Pop impersonator, took to the streets of Baltimore recently where he not only moonwalked across busy intersections, but also busted out fancy footwork atop trucks — all the while blasting Jackson hits like “Beat It” and “Smooth Criminal”.


In some instances, bystanders looked on in confused delight; in others, the music and Reeves’ contagious positivity drew random crowds of folks who wanted to dance, too. Though, to be fair, those people weren’t strangers at all, but united by struggle, united by a shared sense of frustration and pain, and most importantly, united by the power of music.


Below, watch a video which compiles a few of Reeves’ performances.


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2 thoughts on “This Michael Jackson Impersonator Is Hoping To Heal Baltimore One Moonwalk At A Time

  1. It’s wonderful to see that Dimitri Reeves was able to bring some relief to the minds and hearts of people in Baltimore impersonating Michael Jackson…I only wish that folks realize that riots do not happen in isolation…it is indeed a cry of frustration, though carried out in a negative way. People with good paying jobs do not riot…people educated to their higher potential do not riot…people living in comfortable and beautiful surroundings do not riot…people who are treated fairly and listened to by their police and government do not riot. The promises of freedom and justice for all has not been achieved for a vast number of America’s citizens, especially blacks and other minorities.

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