Dance Your Way To “This Is Thriller” Auditions

Sources: The Orion – By Erin Vierra| All Things Michael


“It’s close to midnight, and something evil’s lurking in the dark.”

Everyone knows the song. Everyone pretty much knows the dance. Admit it, you’ve practiced it in front of the mirror when no one’s looking. You’ve done the dance with your friends countless times at parties.

Well, its time to put on your dance shoes and put that old talent to good use. Auditions for the upcoming Michael Jackson-inspired musical and will be held Wednesday and Thursday at the 1078 Gallery here in Chico.

The musical, perfectly titled “This is Thriller,” is being directed by Joey Moshiri and is presented by Uncle Dad’s Art Collective. The show is all about the songs and stories that surround the late Michael Jackson. The show will include werwolves, a live band and oh yes, don’t forget a zombie chorus.

The auditions will be open to everyone. Those who want to show off their dance moves should be prepared with sheet music covering at least one verse and one chorus of the classic song to showcase their vocal range and high personality.

The rehearsals for the musical will begin sometime in May, and the show will run August 6-23.



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